Election 2010

Two years ago, Democrats decided to give control of Congress to Republicans today. I agreed with the decision then and it still looks good. People will argue they shouldn’t have abandoned some races so completely, but it hardly matters. The paying bet was the economy can be bought into improvement over the next two years. The president – great communicator and agent of change – has a long list of fuming or inarticulate Republican legislators to make fun of. Every day they’ll stand up to oppose all those ideas now improving the lives of average Americans. So 2012 is a Presidential win and a Congressional resurgence.

No surprises here.

The interesting news was widely reported as the emergence of a ‘Tea Party’ movement, a sort of organized rage against the establishment that wanted conventional political power. Well advertised, it attracted a lot of frightened and angry people. Largely uneducated, these were easily diverted by nationalist propaganda to Republican voting ranks. So things proceeded according to plan.

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