Where were the campaigns?

Driving to work, listening to news radio, I heard a woman complain about negative advertising. Her life was too busy. She didn’t like being interrupted by attack ads. Busy? I thought. How can she be busy watching television?

I haven’t noticed the campaigns this season. I stopped watching TV long ago. And I’ve missed something. People learned to be busy watching television. I looked it up: most of us watch four and a half hours a day. At the same time, Americans are overwhelmed and depressed by how much they have to do. This doesn’t seem possible. I suspect people only feel like they have a lot to do. Maybe, they’re anxious because the few things they must do eat into those precious four and a half hours.

The election will be a popular show, too. Millions of us will spend more than four and a half hours, fascinated by pictures of numbers and maps of the United States. Did Joe win? Did Barbara lose? It makes no difference. We’ll go back to busily watching TV and anxiously protecting our viewing time.

Few human beings make a difference. Watching TV, you’re not one of them. You could be if you would. Stop watching and get busy. Things will begin to change. You will start to matter. Just like, stop apologizing and exercise. Things will begin to heal. You will start to grow. But you won’t do it. I understand God loves you, even so.

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