Year’s end (2013)

This has been the best year of my life. It was the year I was given confidence. In this year I slew dragons.

This year I came together, and it was no easy thing. How do I reconcile Christianity and Atheism? Science and Faith? Wealth and Poverty? Hope and Despair?

At times, for whole moments, I understood.

How does a creature act when it knows it is about to die? It displays what it is – and there it is, forever.

Look in your mirror. Do you love someone? A child, perhaps?

We have become silly: a species of lemming. The wisest among us study signs, and give unmistakable warning. But we trust completely an antique idea about conflict and selfishness: contending only for ourselves, the Inscrutable will guarantee our collective promise. Do you love a child, perhaps?

We have, indeed, abandoned tomorrow. Our hope? Searching only for profit, men will invent tools to repair us. We are like smokers, deeply inhaling, confident the cure will arrive before our lungs collapse. Ask the wise ones. Carbon Dioxide is species extinction. Today, and yes – the day after. Do you love your child – at all?

Where are the monks self-immolating in our plazas?

This has been the best year of my life. If you love someone – if you feel her breathing; if you wait to see his face; if you’re eager for the look in her eye – be with him. Simply be with her.

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