Fatting the golden calf

Worship is always absurd. We put complete faith in the preposterous. And always, the rules laid out by the prophets become the nonsense we’re utterly devoted to. The deity is thoroughly obscured.

So today, otherwise right thinking people, from bottom to top, are convinced the world is controlled by money. This is great for the people who own the money. We’ve forgotten the invisible hand isn’t just invisible. It’s not real. There is no market force optimally allocating resources and demand. There are only academics confusing ideas with reality, and politicians promoting the holy doctrine which has crowded out all other thinking. Astonishingly, people now believe the path to prosperity is: paying debt.

After decades of smashing unions, selling lottery tickets, and moving their factories offshore, money owners have reduced private sector wages so far that government employees are said to be grossly overpaid. Private sector workers, envious and desperate, instead of demanding higher wages for themselves, are clamoring to bring the others down as well. The calf is bawling. The faithful sacrifice.

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