A lot of who I am is who I’m talking to. Lately I’ve been talking to a fellow who doesn’t share my persistent gloom. He’s positively optimistic, and the reason is simple: he believes what he sees. While I examine the surface and point to the decadent, indefatigable machinery grinding away underneath, he looks at the same surface and sees: a real thing!

Imagine this: an individual has real power, and only requires a willingness to use it. Today (as I’ve been pooh-poohing for years) we’re all individually connected, and talking to each other. We can act, by the tens – the hundreds – of millions, immediately and at once, if only we want to. We could break the machinery in a day, if we chose.

We’re all pregnant with expectation. Everybody knows something big is about to happen. I think: this is a manufactured popular opinion guaranteed to maintain the status quo. My friend thinks: something big is about to happen!

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