OK, I’ll talk politics.

Perhaps politicians don’t have strong opinions. I think mostly they don’t. Some of them get pretty awkward trying to look like they have strong opinions. I think they just want to be the ones saying the things people agree with. So they get the big prize. Which is winning, I guess.

Too bad, because they might not know what they’re talking about. When they win, they might just be managed by background guys who hire the speech writers. So then they might behave differently than promised, and maybe even do things they wouldn’t otherwise believe in, if they had strong opinions.

I have scant background in economics. I haven’t participated a lot in my country’s intellectual culture. So like you I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about. Social prosperity in a market driven economy requires the bulk of profits to be distributed as increasing wages to an expanding middle class, which drives capital accumulation and reinvestment through purchases from a proliferating number of small businesses. Absent that, suffering just increases. And it’s no mystery how to accomplish that. It makes me sad. When I was young, it seemed obvious that’s what we’d all choose to do. Now, I don’t believe I’ll live to see it.

That changes everything.

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