The ‘credibility’ of the United States

Credibility is about understanding why people do things, and believing they’ll do things a certain way, given circumstances. Threatening our nation’s ‘credibility’ touches an emotional core in some people, so once again the surrogates in high office are warning: the world may be forgetting who we are.

The world is not forgetting. The United States is a country that forgoes all morality – and breaches all treaties – to use torture, chemical weapons, and whatever other horrifying equipment it possesses to guarantee the terror of foreign citizens all across the globe. Everyone knows that.

Everyone is aware, also, that in cases involving grand principle, like repudiating Syria’s slaughter of its own citizens, the US government really couldn’t care less. But there’s been a generational pause in remote weapons development, and there’s a new class of missiles to test.

Don’t worry, rich (well, mostly white) men – nobody thinks you aren’t scary.

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