Class defeat

We’ve had a couple financial contractions. They looked pretty scary to most people, and damaged the working majority severely. But two was enough to get used to them. The affluent class actually looks forward to the next decline, because they’ve learned how to ‘profit from both sides of the trade.’ They know the suffering will be duly born by some other public.

My son is thirteen years old and all the girls he knows are ‘cutting’ themselves. He himself has two visions of the future: successful musician or indigent street minstrel. He doesn’t see any in between. There is none, really – just a dead-end, mind-numbing workday routine the kids already know leads to old age in debt.

Most young people, of course, will endure by necessity. The brightest – so the hope goes – will get caught up in the false promise of social mobility and have the fight wrung out of them by fifty or fifty-five. But a permanent, prominent elite class is an ugly thing to maintain, and the threat of proletarian aggression is real.

So, things that look like liberal progress are being permitted as exercises on behalf of the dominating elite. The productivity of the work force is such it’s more important to manage its idle time than to urge it to greater effort. Marijuana is being legalized, finally, because it’s better for my son to get stoned than to get revolutionary.

The history of all society is the history of class warfare, today engaged in as class stupefaction. The popular ruling claim is always, ‘we’re beyond that.’ Only malcontents and enemies of the state agitate for ‘redistribution of wealth.’ Our artificial elections are full-time celebrations of meaningless differences, like football games. The results are no more important.

I am fifty-five years old today. If I were young again (alas!) – well, I don’t know what I’d do.

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