Women’s lib (happy Fourth of July!)

I’m old enough to have been inspired by the televised ‘women’s lib’ movement of the ‘seventies. Like, I was there. I was thrilled with the whole obnoxious, hairy, femme thing. And, like with so much else back then, I thought real changes were happening in real people and life was going to be different from now on.

We make a mistake, a lot of us, when we gain new liberties. We’re so thrilled by them we want to share. We promote them for everyone else. When we run into opposition, we conclude it’s a matter of mis-education. We start pushing our points of view. I’ve lived a while now. I’ve discovered a woman is a complex creature: she doesn’t know how to be ‘independent’ or ‘submissive.’ Like me, she doesn’t know who she is. She isn’t thinking objectively about it. So I’m preaching to nobody.

But still, it makes my heart ache. The women in this country are in fact doing the bulk of the work and bearing most of the weight of our thriving economic tyranny. For every man proud of his accomplishments, there’s a woman who’s accomplished same – plus raised the kids. And yet, they want to be treated like children. They want to be looked at and praised. They want to be pleasing to assholes.

Women in this country commonly coat their vaginas with hot wax melted into a cloth, wait until the wax hardens, then jerk on the cloth and yank out whole swaths of pubic hair at one pull. This hurts. They do it because they want to be sexually attractive to men who want to have sex with little girls. As more men feel emasculated by the successes of women around them, and seek comfort in fantasies of screwing immature females – this cosmetic attention apparently works.

I like to remind myself of what I call the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ effect: when  people around me embrace and succumb to what I think is evil, in fact the warmth and truth of our core humanity always emerges, and they continue to be the strong, wonderful beings we all are, with a different set of habits. It’s just hard for me to imagine how a healthy identity can rely so much on someone else’s opinion.


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