The only problem with education

The president is bright, but not particularly creative. So he gathers his experts, hears them pontificate, then tries to pick his best way forward. He’s fairly helpless when all the experts are wrong. So today he adds to his errors by joining the consensus on American education: it doesn’t provide enough certificates.

This is an attractive idea: schools confer certificates on students who possess skills described by their certificates. A certificated graduate is promptly available for appropriate, certificate-level jobs, and the wheels of competitive commerce turn faster and faster.

But we know that people with certificates do not possess their represented skills. Just go hire somebody. American schools were once great because we built them to educate our children. All together. All classes in one classroom. Because education is about learning with each other. We didn’t give a hoot about job preparation. Educated people create their own jobs. Now our schools exist to provide certificates. Our graduates are unprepared to work, and unable to think.

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