Jesus and the City of New York

The nation watched enthralled as the government unleashed its trillion-dollar war machine against a nineteen-year-old bomber in Boston. Unsurprisingly, the government caught him – before, we were told, he managed to escape Boston and attack New York City. The mayor of New York was unruffled, boasting his city’s electronic surveillance net – an ‘eyes-everywhere’ system that can detect a single handbag sitting on a park bench for ‘too long.’

Jeering at ‘special interests’ defending constitutional liberties, the mayor advertised his techno-weaponry to other cities. It seems his own police department gets a thirty percent cut of every sale, for helping ‘develop’ the technology. If you are in New York City, right now, the police are watching you, right now. They have not always, themselves, been entirely virtuous. They see what you are doing. Perhaps they would like a thirty percent cut of that, too.

Jesus Christ visited the planet under similar circumstances. The Jewish tribes had been scrabbling about, awaiting prophetic fulfillment, for centuries – plotting and raising ‘armies;’ praying for the day. But the world had changed, and the Lord himself turned out to be a lover not a fighter. Jesus’ message was simple: love your neighbor or die ugly.

The old rules are broken. The old weapons don’t work any more. If you want to live, be blameless.


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