Hugo, we hardly knew ye.

Wow, that’s an understatement. Drive south a couple thousand miles from the US and look back. It’s an armed citadel on a hill, the country where I live. Safe inside, I learned about Hugo the way most of us did, from corporate advertisements billed as ‘news.’ US companies didn’t think too highly of him. US politicians mostly less. Apparently, he was bad for business.

I confess, I’m always a little heartened to hear a man calling a spade a spade; a Bush a Satan. I’m reminded of Bob’s comment on Eminem, whom he’d never heard play, ‘well, he’s doing something right, if he’s got all those people upset.’

Up here in the good country, we’re all happy all the time, so we’re comfortable asking each other, at every encounter, how we are. I buy my lunch from a drive-by window where employees are actually compelled to ask – each and every customer – ‘how are you today?’ Yesterday I sat and thought, ‘there’s shit leaking out of my butt and it stinks and it tickles – what the fuck do you care how I am? Just give me my god-damn food!’

But I said, ‘I’m good.’

How would Hugo have put it?

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