No pretty white girl hacked to pieces today

So I’ll take this opportunity to talk about the economy. There is no problem with the economy. The economy is functioning perfectly, as designed. It’s designed to produce high unemployment when workers fail to demand high wages. It’s designed to empty your 401k, phase out social security, and eliminate your food stamps. It will, too, until you and the rest of the folks at the office walk out for better pay.

But you don’t like the folks at the office. You’re better than they are. You got your kid into a charter school. You agree with the boss. You’re not going down with the rest of the slackers; you’ll take a pay cut to save the firm. In fact, you’re pissed off. Things would be fine if the government wasn’t screwed up. You agree with those foam-flecked, red-faced speeches about taking it back from you. You don’t want it anyway. You just want an iPad.

Then there’s the poor guy in the White House, knotted up in academic cobwebs and struggling with a decision to be the boss. Hardly an inspiration, I’ve got to agree. But we don’t have to wring our hands and wonder what’s gone wrong with the economy. It’s following orders. Our orders. Let’s be crystal clear about this: people deserve what they vote for.

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