Election day

I asked the boys what they think of the election. Evan was pretty quick with the prevailing pop-culture analysis:

‘Well, Romney’s just going to do the rich people thing, and he could always hear some voice in his head and think it’s God, and do whatever messed up thing it tells him to.’

I asked him about my perception of a monolithic governing structure store-fronting a plutocratic technocracy, and whether he sees any sense in simply voting against the entire system. He shrugged me off.

‘There are only two possible winners. You choose the best one.’

When I questioned Noah, he jumped up with a broad grin and raised one arm, shouting, ‘I think we should take money from the rich and use it to protect the environment!’

So I prodded, ‘who does that mean you’d vote for?’

He replied, ‘I think Obama would be better for that.’

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