Onward, christian socialists!

I know what you’re thinking: ‘christian,’ ‘socialist’ – they’re the same thing! For most worldly purposes, you’re right, but there’s been some misuse of both terms this past century. I keep them together as a reminder to the rest of us, we’re all still moving in the right direction.

Socialism is an idea (about how workers should get the profits), just like capitalism is an idea (about how owners should get the profits). Nothing more. There’s never been a socialist state I know of, just like there’s never been a capitalist state (maybe there actually are unfettered markets in Darfur, I’m not sure). Socialism is a good idea because it fits the human animal; we work together and we prosper from our work. It’s a good idea in any religion; for Christian, Muslim, Atheist socialists alike.

Christians, of course, were the original socialists, starting with all that ‘give everything you have to the poor’ stuff. In one more perverse twist of Christian blasphemy, today we’re taught we can not only worship God and money at the same time, but piling up money is proof of God’s love! Believe that, and you already have your reward.

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