How to yank apart a democracy

Basically, wealth corrupts. This works with societies as well as just plain folks. In the US, tremendous windfalls from historical success produced such opulence, we all began to believe the world was simply designed for our benefit. Smart minds went to work, to set about restoring for a few the sort of consolidated raw power the ambitious always seek.

First, decades were spent persuading post-war generations each of us is in it for ourselves, living in a world where prosperity is available for all who just try hard enough. Then, an artificial ‘meritocracy’ was used to develop a substantial affluent class, whose fear of personal decline fosters a belief financial autocracy is, in truth, the only way a country can survive. Then, a series of attractive, wealthy, and bigoted bullies were placed upon a stage to bellow outright lies at the trembling affluent minority, with their hosts of sycophants who really don’t know what to think.


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