There are moments (I hope we all have these), often set to music, when my time and place dissolves and life flows through me like a river from memory to forethought. Astonishment welling from my heart sends physical vibrations through my body, to the edges of my skin. Perhaps this is ecstasy.

I have lived hard and wild. I have also known wonders of silence, and the presence of lives next to mine in contact and exploration like stories are made of. I have had a wealth of opportunity, and pushed open every door that invited me. What a thrill to have lived, and to see and know it all at once. What a thrill to have life. I stand in the light and the music, arms uplifted, with tears on my cheeks and tingling in my flesh, and pure joy like a caress running through me.

I attribute these moments to my lord, Jesus Christ. Only I know what I mean.

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