biospiritual imperative

‘God’ isn’t necessary to explain spatio-temporal manifestations. But to some, he’s quite satisfying. ‘God’ isn’t necessary to explain two thousand years’ devotion to Jesus Christ. But to some, he’s quite satisfying.

Jesus spoke with resounding clarity what atheists are more awkwardly preaching today: we’re alive this moment and we’d do best to believe in the world as we see it around us.

I think we emerged with a deeply physical awareness we’re part of a larger collective experience, and our brains require a rational construct – our ‘self’ – to assess opportunities and threats (‘good’ and ‘evil’) as we confront experiential reality. We can’t help it. Without an imaginary faith (‘self’), we’re not human beings at all.

Except once in a while, briefly, we might be more. Once in a while, briefly, during those famous ‘moments of being,’ in coincidences of experience and yearning, our fictitious rulebook is superseded by a recognition of what we are, as we are. And we come away transformed.

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