In class, and liking it.

In the nineteen thirties, you couldn’t go back to the farm. The machines that were reshaping the world had plowed it up. The entire sense of reality was new and different and even the rich and powerful were afraid they might not be rich and powerful tomorrow. They tried to enforce mass unemployment, but there were other rich people who wanted to staff their machines, and then the labor unions turned this once isolated country into a truly prosperous and great nation.

Today, after lots of worrying and active viciousness, our stable aristocracy is finally back. And it’s televised. Everybody knows our kids are going to be doing the same things, in the same situations, that we are now. Rich, indebted, and poor – we’re all not really that uncomfortable with ourselves, or the familiar lifestyles that come with us. In fact, if we’re given a vigorous popular opinion to puff us up, we’re genuinely content.

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