Political science

If we’re not miserable, we’ve got something to hold on to, and we’ll fight for it. Most of politics is people trying to keep what they’ve got, hoping maybe, even, to grab a little more. Community always has an anarchic element to it which makes staying in place a little uncertain, but creates most of the opportunities people get for moving around.

In capitalist countries, everything is about making and keeping money, activities usually pursued by separate groups of people. Usually, the vast majority work to ‘operate’ an economy, and a much smaller group sells the goods and keeps the profits. Most people like it this way, because we’re all born servants or masters, and we tend to know it. ‘Prosperity’ means masters moving enough money through servants’ hands to keep them loyal and adoring, and the whole operation working smoothly enough to keep the pile of wealth growing at the top.

This is easy to watch today, as a fabulously wealthy group of bosses exhort employees everywhere to despise their government and trust the company. It’s hard to see how this won’t continue, since the majority of workers are still comfortable indeed. Those looking for change remain well advised to look for opportunity in the conflicts between the rich folks themselves.

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