This little thing called ‘freedom’

In the United States, we’ve promoted a bewildering mythology about the Internet from its very beginning. People would (and still do) go on and on about its ‘free, open’ nature; how everyone can offer candid, anonymous opinions to the public, and people all over the world can exchange information with whoever, whenever, they choose.

This is crazy. Spend some time crossing a national border. Try, for example, crossing the U.S. national border. Countries are fanatics about what passes between them. There is absolutely zero possibility what you put on the Internet will be either anonymous or unregulated.

It will turn out, of course, the ‘free, open’ Internet was a ploy to exploit the global information market and monopolize its storefronts within the United States. It will turn out, of course, that nations claiming a right to monitor their citizens’ communications will be scourged as tyrants – by us, who’ve done it first, and do it best.

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