The traditional hypocrisy of the terrified

We honor Greece as the birthplace of democracy, knowing full well the ‘citizens’ were a handful of rich people trying to figure out a way to share power without simply killing each other. We’re proud of having founded a democracy ourselves, knowing full well what that actually meant, too. The thing is, it’s important to have high ideals. Just don’t forget they’re only intended for inspiration.

So always with war: if your politicians have a chance, they’ll wage it. It’s good for the image. It’s good for business. It gets the simpletons to rise up and vote for you.

It’s also against that pesky (‘inspiration-only’) founding document of ours. Occasionally, steady minds recognize war is bad for the country waging it, too. The president of the United States doesn’t have the power to declare war on his own. Except, of course, he does if he wants to.

Some thought the Libyan adventure was a war action without Congressional authorization, but there was some obfuscation there. Mr. Obama’s lawyers are no less servile, or adept, than Mr. Bush’s. Having found the water comfortable, he now swims like a fish. Declaring that ‘cyber’ attacks are warfare he’ll respond to with bombs, Mr. Obama publicly launches them against Iran, on no authority but his own good looks.

And I’m pretty sure all those little white men with their pocket copies of the Constitution are going to applaud him for it.

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