Giving Christians a bad name, American style.

It’s disheartening to hear people speak of turning to God, when they’re selling an audience their personal political programs. It always has been. I’m hoping maybe, at last, the most of the rest of us are tiring of deception and ready to restore our faiths to our hearts, where faith belongs.

A Christian is someone who loves Jesus Christ. Some Christians read the scripture as nourishment, and don’t quote it to brandish control. Some Christians pray secretly, in private, and have no fear that God needs to be defended by warfare. Some Christians are embarrassed by wealth, and receive it only incidentally.

Today, a few Americans stand on the stage waving the flag, proud to hate, and call it Christianity. The rest of us squirm, and wonder where to hide. But it has long been this way, and evil does perish. If this charade is to move into real power and govern, still, it too will end.

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