Conservative comedy

My boy brought some comedy television into my life, and immediately I wondered about the other point of view. We’ve got a couple of guys, doing nightly half-hour programs, making fun of conservatives, and some of it is indeed funny, but I’d like to see how that spirit points in the other direction. So I did some brief searching around and came up with: not much.

I guess the idea is, comedy is about putting people down, so the liberals get to make fun of the rich and powerful, but conservatives are making fun of us. Well, I grew up in the United States and I hang with a pretty conservative crowd and let me tell you, they are offensive. Some of it is hilarious. Well-spoken bigotry is a knee-slapper. What separates us as a people is: some of us hear it and feel an ache of despair – while a true Republican just wishes the party poopers weren’t in the room so they could have a real laugh.

At any rate, I guess our conservative media doesn’t have the guts to air the really funny stuff.

So I watched the liberal shows, a little hesitant because I know liberals feel about Christians the way they believe conservatives feel about black people – except it’s politically OK for them to do it on TV. And I saw an interesting thing. They were saying lots – and lots – about religion, and saying ‘Jesus’ like they weren’t spitting the word, and making fun of the rich Republican hypocrites. I’ve said this for years: if the Democratic elite would just conceal its bigotry and simply approach the so-called religious opposition on the merits of its faith – the whole Moral Monstrosity will shatter into a zillion pieces. Are folks finally catching on?

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