It’s show time!

Recently, I was exposed to some reportedly accidental audio from a conversation between the Russian and US presidents, revealing Mr. Obama’s intentions to be more flexible after the upcoming elections. It’s remarkable people believed this was accidental. This is a smart guy who knows he’s disappointed his constituency, and he knows when his microphone is on.

Our president hasn’t been just disappointing, he’s been purposefully attacking the principles he swore to defend. He chose to funnel money to private insurers instead of into national health care. He chose to shovel money to banks instead of American workers. He chose to expand the Executive’s secret global army, and to extend its system for monitoring the private lives of every American.

We were hoping he wouldn’t do that.

He’s always had this explanation: we’ve got to face reality. He just can’t do what we elected him to do. He’s the helpless president. And now we’re offered a new hope. At last, he’ll be free to honor his promises once he’s won the next election!

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