Health care at court: a win-win situation.

Being a liberal (“honestly, I’m not a liberal, sweetheart, I’m a christian socialist”), I at times succumb to an attraction toward the Democratic Party just because – it’s the Democratic Party. Sort of like the gut-felt tilt of the right-wing extremist toward that Republican group. And with as much sensibility.

Look, national health insurance is a fundamental human right (whatever that is). In the long run, we’ll get there. The obstacles are posed by private money holders who literally kill us sooner than help us, and will do so as long as they can. A lot of good folks who support the Democrats – well, just because – have been out there cheering for this ‘Affordable Health Care’ charade – well, just because. Remember, the law under debate is designed to force everybody to pay money to private health insurance companies. That liberal America was able to swallow this cow whole says just about everything about liberal America.

If the court allows the executive to force all citizens to pay private corporations, we can only rejoice: the final apocalyptic collapse of all this has moved several steps closer.

On the other hand, if the court agrees abandonment of any and all principles is acceptable in the name of party politics – well, then, we’ll be set up to move forward with the ‘public option,’ which will quickly become the only way the system can support itself.

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