The rich don’t give it away.

I remember a blue-collar guy telling me, when I was a kid, what good people the Rockefellers were, because they gave their money to museums that working people could enjoy. Idiots like him continue to vote for their own misery and fawn on the wealthy for crumbs. Today’s laugh at the dumb American workers comes from a suite of billionaires, pretending to give some of their ill-gotten gains to charity.

For the wealthy, a ‘gift’ to charity is nothing more than an allocation of assets to a tax-designated charitable organization, which they then control to promote projects they hope will generate favorable press coverage. If some of these dollars actually help someone, well, worse things could happen.

The pursuit and possession of wealth are everywhere and always evil. Blessed in heaven was the poor woman who gave everything she had, but these days no one believes in heaven anyway.

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