Ah yes, politics…

It may not be obvious, but the opportunities for real change in this cycle have passed. The powerful succeeded at enlarging their holdings. Enough cash was printed up to keep the rest of us surviving out of  big-box stores. An effective Wall Street proxy sits as the Executive and Congress is well paid. The Federal Reserve has declared money effectively free to the rich for the next several years.

The sad truth is, meaningful change can happen only when most people really suffer – really suffer. We got close for a while there, and a lot of us laid out our thoughts for a better America. But it was not to be.

I have to remind myself: this isn’t so bad. We can easily imagine more horrible situations. There’s even some humor in watching people knock themselves down through willful ignorance. It’s like slapstick comedy. The incumbent President (talking loudly about how wealthy he is) gets to run on a resurgent America, against a guy who made twenty million a year during the Recession and proudly claims ‘earning’ it created jobs. But it won’t make any difference who wins.

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