So, this is what ugly looks like.

Our situation is simple: the money has been wrestled away from the middle class, and the rich folks are happy to keep it. Everyone with influence pretends they want to create jobs for the unemployed. They want no such thing, but they do want votes. So now, suddenly, everybody’s promising jobs. Promising jobs is today’s way of keeping your loyalists whipped to a frenzy.

Complicated economics don’t have anything to do with this. This is a ruling elite, pleased to subdue the rest of the country by fueling wars within the middle class, against itself. And this is the nastiest part of our nature: scared we’ll be next to suffer, we thug up with the rest of the guys on our block, buying favors from our bosses by kicking the rabble down. When we fall off the ledge, ourselves, it takes a while to realize we’ve always been under the same boot.

We can change the world. We can make it better. But first, we all have to believe we’re on the same side. Things look to be getting worse for a good long time.

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