I guess I haven’t been clear.

I was criticized the other day for being religiously closed-minded; for rejecting any ideas about God except my own. It hurts when that happens. Let me say this about that: I believe in God in a Big Way. I believe we were all created, by something utterly incomprehensible to me. I believe we all seek for truth the way we choose. Seeking, I believe we find it. What we find – whatever it is – I believe is real.

I love Jesus because I looked for him and I found him; because my relationship to him has become how I live. I only tell you what I believe. I don’t ask you to believe it. I don’t condemn you if you don’t. I believe we were all created and we all have life.  I am not a good Christian.

There are self-proclaimed ‘Christians’ who publicly condemn and despise their neighbors. They have their own understandings of Jesus Christ. They looked for what they’ve chosen to believe, and they found it. Pity. If someone hurt you while chanting “I love Jesus,” I am sorry – more for them, perhaps, than for you.

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