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Science, Heaven, and Hell

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

A scientific theory has it that consciousness emerges out of complexity. It’ll be a while yet before we can test this, but we will. The idea is, the trillions of circuits and connections our brains use to coordinate simply become so complicated, as they manage our multiple parts, we become aware of ourselves. There’s nothing mysterious about it: as soon as we manage to define and connect so many trillions of different circuits in a housing as accommodating as a brain, we’ll encounter a consciousness in the equipment.

Consciousness is what we think we are. It’s what thinks ‘I am.’ When Christians think about being alive forever, it’s being conscious forever they’re thinking about. If we simply put an accurate copy of our trillions of connected circuits into an adequate device, we’re expected to be conscious of ourselves ‘in’ the device.

There’s more science to suggest that each one of these circuits and connections, as well as every other atomic activity in our bodies, is in fact recorded on sub-atomic carrier waves emanating outward through the universe. Everything each of us does, down to our tiniest component, is recorded and transmitted at particle speeds toward the edge of an expanding space.

Now, we can imagine conquering the speed of light and traveling out ahead of those carrier transmissions. This is interesting, because if someone traveled out ahead of the transmissions and decoded them into our adequate device, then you yourself, as you exist right now, could be as conscious as today, in the device. Depending on the type of device employed – you could be in heaven or hell.