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Out of places to go

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

We’re watching ‘money’ squirm. Not because it’s scared. It’s not scared. It’s all the same group of people, and they’ve got nothing to be scared of. They’re simply accustomed to watching their numbers go up, and their numbers have run out of up to go to.

The history of the past thirty years is too simple to make the press releases. ‘Communism’ fell. The last great colonial markets were opened. Money flowed to the West. Debts incurred were paid with new loans issued at lower rates, using currency printed to cover additional debts at even lower rates until the rates hit zero and the money people were standing in cash; until the last of the new suckers were sold and all those new markets were saturated.

Now, it’s getting hard to make a decent ten percent a year. So money squirms. Don’t worry though, Europe is coming.

It’s stunning how easy it is to fool all the people all the time. ‘The people,’ of course, being the working masses in the United States, who now think their decimated ‘lifestyles’ are further endangered by the perils confronting the Euro. There are no perils confronting the Euro. Decades ago it was decided to precede political union with monetary union, to use debts and dependency to forge the political will to unify the states. The effort is going splendidly.

This little thing called ‘freedom’

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

In the United States, we’ve promoted a bewildering mythology about the Internet from its very beginning. People would (and still do) go on and on about its ‘free, open’ nature; how everyone can offer candid, anonymous opinions to the public, and people all over the world can exchange information with whoever, whenever, they choose.

This is crazy. Spend some time crossing a national border. Try, for example, crossing the U.S. national border. Countries are fanatics about what passes between them. There is absolutely zero possibility what you put on the Internet will be either anonymous or unregulated.

It will turn out, of course, the ‘free, open’ Internet was a ploy to exploit the global information market and monopolize its storefronts within the United States. It will turn out, of course, that nations claiming a right to monitor their citizens’ communications will be scourged as tyrants – by us, who’ve done it first, and do it best.

The traditional hypocrisy of the terrified

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

We honor Greece as the birthplace of democracy, knowing full well the ‘citizens’ were a handful of rich people trying to figure out a way to share power without simply killing each other. We’re proud of having founded a democracy ourselves, knowing full well what that actually meant, too. The thing is, it’s important to have high ideals. Just don’t forget they’re only intended for inspiration.

So always with war: if your politicians have a chance, they’ll wage it. It’s good for the image. It’s good for business. It gets the simpletons to rise up and vote for you.

It’s also against that pesky (‘inspiration-only’) founding document of ours. Occasionally, steady minds recognize war is bad for the country waging it, too. The president of the United States doesn’t have the power to declare war on his own. Except, of course, he does if he wants to.

Some thought the Libyan adventure was a war action without Congressional authorization, but there was some obfuscation there. Mr. Obama’s lawyers are no less servile, or adept, than Mr. Bush’s. Having found the water comfortable, he now swims like a fish. Declaring that ‘cyber’ attacks are warfare he’ll respond to with bombs, Mr. Obama publicly launches them against Iran, on no authority but his own good looks.

And I’m pretty sure all those little white men with their pocket copies of the Constitution are going to applaud him for it.