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Right now

Monday, December 26th, 2011

The important thing about what we’re doing is: it isn’t much. Very few things are actually happening, but every day it’s the new Big News. If you go away from the story a while (just turn off the electronics for six months), when you come back the new Big News is the same old thing. You can literally paste the same headline over different press photographs, year after year. People continue to believe, “wow, today they’re trying to do this and something has to be done about it.” But it’s nothing new. And nothing is done about it.

The big reality of our lives is: the planet’s heating up. The most powerful people on earth are piling on more fuel. It’s a big deal, but you can’t see it on your favorite website. You just see an argument, or some pictures of your friends, or a comedy segment. A lot of our kids are actually going to die from this. Thoughtful people sit around their tables wondering if they should do something – wondering, even, what they could possibly do…

Big things are going to happen. Slowly. If anywhere inside you think, ‘I have to make sure I’ll be okay tomorrow,’ you’re not part of the solution. The people who do what it takes are going to abandon everything – the family, the job, the future. Then step forward and save the world.

The private projects of powerful people

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

I sit here growing old, and saddened I was wrong. Something about who I was, I guess, something in the soup I drank when my mother was young and I was brand new. I thought we all knew the same thing; I thought we were all growing up to fix what somebody before us broke.

I know how it works now (maybe you always did). The boys who get to be the figureheads maneuver for a bigger dinner. The swarms of folks who make them figureheads will stick you with a knife to keep their guy propped up at the table. Once in a while a good idea swirls through the crowd, but who can survive the machine that spits out the checks?

If you get a little lucky, you’re not going to give it up.