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Too little too late

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

I have a poor track record predicting the future. I thought the latest right-wing agitation would wither after a few weeks. Two years later people still try to talk it up in the press.

So I’m hoping I’m wrong again. Maybe this ‘Occupy America’ idea will grow into effective politics. But as I try explaining it to my son (only because he’s asked), I just remember all the other failed attempts to promote the general welfare in our country. I hear myself telling him how the world really works; about how everyone’s parents get up every day and go to work, trying their hardest to further the interests of an employer who will dispose of them like dishwater. Their employers will hire their younger, more competitive neighbors, and continue – repackaged, repurchased, and renamed – always more prosperous than before.

If you’re not among the fifty percent of Americans whose lives have been devastated by the ‘conservative’ triumph, it’s pretty hard to know how badly your country has been damaged. But it’s bad. As a political response, we have a leaderless group of idealists getting arrested in the park. This happened before, when I was a kid: people milled around self-righteously for a few years, then the smart ones got jobs and voted for Ronald Reagan.

Something about children…

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

I search for something I can recognize in people. Maybe I’m looking for myself. I want that close, open contact – that smiling look in the eye – that makes me believe I’m understood. I’m hoping for something. I want to feel loved. I want to feel I belong.

But I’m not attached; not truly connected. My conversations are hopeful attempts to be heard, but I see in your eyes you’re talking to the host of other people you’ve learned to expect fromĀ  before me.

It’s hard to remember I didn’t create the world. It’s tough to think I’ve lived and will die here without really having anything to do with it. I could have been a frog.

Living forever

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

When I was a kid it seemed impossible anybody wouldn’t want to live. I heard older people say, “Who wants to live forever?” I still do.

As I came along, the explanations got more expansive. I read stories of people cursed with eternal youth, while their loved ones died leaving them stricken and alone. As I age myself, it’s easier to see how people get distracted by experience, and begin to believe life is just the objects and emotions of today’s awareness. I know that there is ‘suffering unto death.’

My heart is just astonished by the message that seemingly can’t get out: life’s more than that!