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Friday, November 5th, 2010

A working person who votes for a Republican is a stupid person. That’s a fact.

Republicans repeatedly say their only ambition, from now on, is to kick President Obama out of office. They boast they’re going to block every piece of legislation, and reverse most laws already passed, so that government does nothing at all until Republicans are fully in charge. Then they say they will reduce wages and raise taxes on working people, so they can raise incomes and eliminate taxes for the wealthy.

As Democrats, christian socialists demand a return to the core principles of American capitalism. We insist on a fair balance of wages and tax burdens for everyone. Free enterprise must be restored and expanded in the United States. Our representatives will stop at nothing, ever, to overwhelm Republican obstructionism and pass legislation holding the country to its democratic ideals.

It’s not about getting stoned anymore.

Friday, November 5th, 2010

I was thinking about California’s Proposition 19, to legalize marijuana, and wondering why it didn’t pass. I was in California recently, and I happened to shop at a pricey organic food boutique. There were a lot of what we used to call ‘hippies’ shopping there, in the middle of the day, and filling their carts. Where, I wondered, did they get the money for all that pricey organic food?

Most people in California have smoked marijuana, and most would prefer to legalize it. That’s why they’ve effectively done so with their ‘medical marijuana’ laws. Making drug use a crime is brutal and uncivilized, like beating your child bloody for smirking at you.

But there are communities all over California whose local economies depend on artificially, criminally, inflated marijuana prices. These communities know it, and they vote their pocketbooks. There are many things you’ll justify in your financial self interest, even if they consign others to misery.

Election 2010

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Two years ago, Democrats decided to give control of Congress to Republicans today. I agreed with the decision then and it still looks good. People will argue they shouldn’t have abandoned some races so completely, but it hardly matters. The paying bet was the economy can be bought into improvement over the next two years. The president – great communicator and agent of change – has a long list of fuming or inarticulate Republican legislators to make fun of. Every day they’ll stand up to oppose all those ideas now improving the lives of average Americans. So 2012 is a Presidential win and a Congressional resurgence.

No surprises here.

The interesting news was widely reported as the emergence of a ‘Tea Party’ movement, a sort of organized rage against the establishment that wanted conventional political power. Well advertised, it attracted a lot of frightened and angry people. Largely uneducated, these were easily diverted by nationalist propaganda to Republican voting ranks. So things proceeded according to plan.